Hercul M75  - is one component professional polyurethane montage foam with high yield. Apply with a special gun applicator. Descriptions: Yield is 75 litres, depends on the temperature of foam and external environment, and also humidity of air. Due to the balanced formula, which has the small second expansion, does not deform wooden products. Provides economic application due to complete control and smoothness of yield. Has exceptional adhesion to most build materials: concrete, brick, plaster, metal, wood, to glass, to the painted surfaces others. Characterized by high firmness and reliability of germetization. Proof to mould and water. The category fire resistance responds to the class of B3 for DlN 4102-1. Does not contain substances which destroy an ozone sphere. Application: Fixing&sealing of door and window frames. Sealing applications where low-expansion is needed. Filling small cavities Isolation of electrical supply system, waterpipe and water drain. Filling cracks in walls and others constructions. Application instruction: Environment temperature where is possible to apply montage foam is -12°C - +30°C. To add aerosol to a gun applicator. Clean a surface, degrease,humidify by special nebulizer or by other way. Overtum aerosol down where is valve and well shake during not less then 1 minute. Holding aerosol retumed upside down slowly and in regular intervals blowing on a vertical surface. Yield speed of montage foam can be regulated with a starting hook and controlled regulated screw on the back-side of the gun applicator. After application for cleaning fresh spots of foam necessary to use Hercul Foam Cleaner. Attention Optimum temperature of storage and application +20°C. Storage at a temperature higher then +30°C and below then -10°C reduce shelf life. Before application lead the aerosol to indicated temperature by natural way leaving in the conditions of room temperature no less than on 12 hours, or dip in warm water with a maximal temperature +40°C. Keep and transport in a vertical position. Shelf Life 18 months if stored properly.